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Many of us have toyed with the idea of moving overseas and relocating to a desired destination for limited period of time. We've all experienced life as stressful and tedious at times, which has prompted the thought of moving somewhere where the pace of life is somewhat slower and calmer, such as the United States, Western Europe or perhaps an exotic, distant location.

Whether the relocation is for academic or work purposes, or perhaps an act of romantic love, most people who have thought about it, haven't really delved deeply into the subject. Once you start breaking down the tasks and assignments that lay ahead, you realize that this isn't as simple as you may have initially thought, but rather a highly intricate endeavor.


What Exactly is Relocation?

The literal meaning of the word "relocation" is "moving", as in moving to another country for the purpose of temporary residing or work. Many Israelis conduct their lives in parallel, flying on a frequent basis to various overseas destinations in the framework of their job. The difference between their situation and relocation, is that the latter refers to a complete transition to another country for a significant number of years. With today's globalization, we are witnessing a drastic rise in the number of families who relocate and Israelis who conduct their lives and run their homes abroad for numerous years.

The Upsides of Relocation

The benefits of moving abroad for an extended period of time, (i.e. relocation), are mainly financial. Many of the people who relocate, do so for fiscal reasons, while career development is typically the main trigger for it. Compared with the Israeli job market, the employment markets in developed western countries, such as the United States, Canada and Western Europe are enormous, offering endless options and opportunities for individuals with skills, talent and the motivation to succeed. In this respect, the thought of relocating and working abroad fascinates many Israelis who wish to make it big. Moreover, in many of these counties, the cost of living is even lower than in Israel, allowing Israelis who live abroad to adapt to a higher standard of living, while still being able to save money.

Moving Abroad

Relocation - Things to Keep in Mind 

Making the decision to relocate is not an easy one and shouldn't be taken lightly. In the case of a relocating family unit, one must take into account the hardships involved in the actual move and the assimilation of both the parents and children to the new environment. Further, at least one of the parents must find a job in order to provide for the family and an educational framework must be found for the children as well. One must also bear in mind the legal facets of residing abroad, including obtaining a visa and/or a work permit.

Obtaining a work visa for the spouse is also crucial so that there are no legal drawbacks once he/she would like to start working. Before a decision is made to relocate, all these factors must be taken under consideration. Parents who have made the decision to "go for it" and move abroad, will have to cope with numerous personal challenges. Spouses are not always willing to leave their job and career in Israel in order to relocate to a foreign country for an extended duration.

Furthermore, during the transition, various dilemmas and difficulties arise, involving moving the children from their familiar scholastic framework to the local education system, the health services provided at the new destination and of course, the different language and culture one must assimilate to. This step constitutes a major challenge in terms of the spouse's employment. A quick and easy solution is not always available. The transition overseas and the life here, in Israel, are extremely different; while relocation may open many doors to one spouse, it requires finding professional and social solutions for the rest of the family members. Some Israelis who have made the decision to relocate, have chosen to keep the family nest in place and to travel back and forth, en route Israel - abroad, on a weekly basis.

There are other factors that one must consider; a certain isolation or loneliness that comes with relocating to a foreign country, the need for adequate substitutes for the Israeli welfare and healthcare services, which are not operable abroad ("kupat holim" / HMO, a comprehensive health insurance plan, Social Insurance / Bituach Leumi, etc.), the special means of taxation in Israel and abroad, family and social needs and much more.

Notwithstanding the above, relocating overseas certainly has its benefits. Working abroad allows for the development of an expertise in business communication with various external factors, while opening doors to business relationships on a global level. Additionally, the ability to save money increases significantly when living and working in another country.

An employee who's representing his/her company overseas, is expected to demonstrate much more authority than is required of him/her back home. When working abroad, an employee must handle a broader range of assignments, which vary extensively from one another - employee management, customer relations, representation before various commercial entities, decision making at higher levels than was required back home, etc. This is a huge benefit as far as an employee's executive training and serves as excellent preparation for his/her professional future.


Moving abroad for an extended period of time, (relocation) requires a family to assimilate to a foreign language, culture and customs and is fraught with much uncertainty. Likewise, moving abroad entails a substantial change from the familiar life routine back home, ranging from family, work and friends. Nevertheless, the relocation experience is a challenge which may bring with it a great many opportunities and adventures. Relocation has many benefits, alongside big challenges, but above all, it is definitely an opportunity to become familiar with another culture and to be a part of a new social framework - benefits which make this experience unique, captivating and distinct.

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